Wood cutting, then splitting them up, and finally piling them for firewood or for other purposes are taxing for anyone. The tool called maul, a resemblance between a hatchet and a sledgehammer, was used in the early days. And most people who have used it attest to its unsafe and complicated use. What happens is the man points the sharp end of the maul in the middle of the trunk to cut it in half. Next is to quarter it, stack it, and let it dry prior to firewood use.

However, today makes everything much simpler for anyone with the creation of an electric log splitter. An electric log splitter is a heavy-duty tool that substitutes the old-fashioned maul to make the job done in lesser time. Since most of these electric splitters have a rod and piston assembly, it sheds beyond 10 tons of pressure on the wood than a maul can do. The piston drives the log in a stationary blade. Other models of log splitters have other extra features as well that give support such as prevention of tree parts from falling away after splitting, or permitting the operator to move the wood around at speed.

Although using an electric log splitter is safer than a maul or axe, there is really no assurance of complete safety if we talk about construction or forestry equipments. The electric log splitter is only permissible to be operated by someone who has undergone proper training, for they know better the safety zones and procedures when using one.

So how much does an electric log splitter cost? Well, any log splitter, for that matter, is expensive. Whether you intend to purchase a second-hand or brand new splitter, there are rather minimal differences in cost. In short, both of them are still regarded as expensive tools, that is because the quality and performance of the log splitter does not change in time.

This only means that once you purchase a log splitter, you have a great companion for work, for life. You do not have to worry about losing its quality performance, because the features of a log splitter, like self-lubricating and sustaining, attest that it can maintain its good performance over time. However, we should not depend only on that as well. As users of the log splitter, we should also know how to extend proper care and maintenance to our valued tool.

After every use, make it sure that you wipe off every stain or dust on the metal and polish it before keeping it in stack. You can make use of auto wax or cleaner to get rid of the sap or residue from trees. By simply doing so, you help your log splitter maintain its quality at all times. Buying any equipment and not keeping it in shape before and after use is like throwing your money carelessly off the garbage bin, instead of having those equipments as real investments at home or work. We should keep in mind that tools like man need nurturing.

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